Personal Horoscope


Many of us consider astrology as a superstitious belief and not really as science. But the accuracy of Vedic calculations helps us to predict what may probably happen in the nearby future.

There are many well known versions of astrology like Indian Astrology, Vedic astrology, palmistry, Chinese Astrology, Egyptian Astrology and Western Astrology. Astrologer’s caste various charts and study them which is known as the `horoscope’. There exists a meaningful link between the time someone is born and the qualities that are inherent to his/her personality. The birth chart reveals a lot about the person and his/her destiny and predictions can be made by studying an individuals horoscope. There are many charts like lagna chart(birth chart), Bhav chalit (caspal chart), hora chart(wealth), dreshkana chart(happiness siblings), chaturthamsa chart(destiny), saptamsa chart(children), navamsha chart(spouse), dashamsa chart(success), dwadashamsha chart(parents), shodhasamsha chart(conveyance), vishamsha chart(spiritual progress), chaturvishamsha chart(knowledge), saptavishamsha chart(strength), trishamsha chart(misfortune), kvedamsha chart(auspicious and inauspicious effects), akshavedamsha chart(all areas) and shastiamsha chart.

Zodiac sign in Vedic Astrology is divided into nine divisions. There can be one or more planets in one zodiac, but they are posited in different degrees in same zodiac. The degrees of planets in the horoscope have to be analyzed properly to predict the individuals horoscope. If the horoscope of twins are casted with Vedic Calculations then its found to be unique. The planets might be posited either in same or nearby degrees with very minimal differeance within the nine divisions. The zodiac signs consists of a belt of constellations through which the Sun, the Moon and other planets do transit evryday. Hence Astrology helps us to acquire information in various combination of planets about an individuals personality, strength and weaknesses.

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